Biking South East

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Biking South East is a network of biking areas for trail biking/MTB/mountain bike in eastern Småland and on Öland in Sweden.

The trails presented here are built and maintained by local land owners, companies, clubs and non profit organisations that share an interest in the trail biking of the region.

Get to know our biking areas! 

Dackestupet - Virserum

Karstorp - Västervik

Långehäll - Blomstermåla


Rällaskogen - Ekerum

Svartbäcksmåla - Nybro

Wimer Bikepark - Vimmerby


How most of the trail signs look like

Most trails presented by Biking South East are marked and graded in the standards used by both Swedish and international biking areas and resorts. 

Due to local restrictions and other reasons, you might come across different looking signs in our biking areas. However, these should also help you find the right trails and to have fun on them. Look out for extra information regarding trails, local restrictions, signs and other useful stuff at the trail head.

The marking also indicate that the trail is built with permission of land owners, all this with the ambition to offer you safe and entertaining biking that’s easy to access.

Trail Grades

VERY EASY - Mycket Lätt
Easy trail that most often is on dirt roads or wide paths. Marked with green signs and arrows.

EASY - Lätt
Like the green trail, but with large sections of natural trails, some slopes and generally more challenging than the green trails. Marked with blue signs and arrows.

MODERATE - Medelsvår
Like the blue trails, but including plenty of sections with technical challenges and/or steep slopes. Marked with red signs and arrows.

EXPERT - Avancerad
Trails including large sections of very technical trail biking, jumps, drops, steep slopes, roots and rocks. Marked with black signs and arrows.